The Animal Ventures Asset Chains Report on The Cognitive, Friction-free, and Blockchain-enabled Future of Supply Chains

Article by Tom Serres

Introducing Asset Chains

After the publication of our online education course, The Basics of Blockchain in 2017, and several years worth of research, Animal Ventures partnered with Don and Alexa Tapscott from the Blockchain Research Institute to publish its findings in a 70 page report called Asset Chains: The Cognitive, Friction-free, and Blockchain enabled Future of Supply Chains.

As of May 2018, this report has finally been released to the public. You can download your copy here today.

Who should read this?

Executives in and around all aspects of Supply Chain Management, Blockchain Consultants, Blockchain Developers, Technologists, Future of Work Thinkers, College Students, Entrepreneurs, Company Leadership looking for a leg up on the future…basically anyone who’s interested in the next big wave of technological innovation.

Idea in Brief

  • A Brief primer on what is Blockchain covering the history, the economics, the business, and the technology behind Blockchain Technology.
  • Assets all over the world are extracted, designed, combined, transported, and sold every day through the supply chains that underpin global commerce.
  • While technologies are increasingly disrupting traditional industries, this flow of goods has not been overhauled in years.
  • Blockchain is decentralizing these traditional supply chains and combining with artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, and the growing Internet of Things to bring about new value networks that scale to the demand of machines and human beings.
  • These new supply chains are autonomous, distributed, and cognitive in the sense that they are learning and bundling what they learn into opportunities for systemic self-improvement in efficiency and responsiveness. Cognitive supply chains require a network state function that provides a singular universal truth as the basis for what we call machine trust.
  • Integral to machine trust are asset chains, which provide a framework for machines to participate autonomously in supply chains and the markets they serve. They allow us to unlock the trading capability of machines without human intermediaries.
  • This research project explores the business implications of asset chains and the leadership required to build coalitions and form alliances to achieve consensus on industry-wide protocols for asset chains.

Get your copy of the report here.