Bettina Warburg speaks about blockchain at TED

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Press & Quotes

  • Tom Serres is one of Silicon Valley’s best.

    — Eric Ries, Founder of IMVU and Author of The Lean Startup
  • If you want to be inspired, to understand what it takes to have true passion and beat impossible odds, you will take the time to listen to Tom Serres and learn from him.

    — Karen Richardson, Board Member, British Telecom Group, Exponent at Worldpay
  • Bettina’s talk about blockchain is one of the most insightful and clear explanations of this new technology that I’ve seen. The tech is abstract and exotic, but she makes it concrete and familiar.

    — Kevin Kelly, Founding Executive Editor of Wired Magazine and Author of The Inevitable
  • I loved being part of the one-two punch with Bettina Warburg at TED talking about the blockchain revolution.

    — Don Tapscott, Author of Wikinomics, The Digital Economy, and Blockchain Revolution